1/2 Gallon Maple Syrup


1/2 Gallon of our finest Vermont pure maple syrup – your choice of maple grade.

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The vast majority of the syrup produced is a very light color or what is called Vermont fancy grade. Each year The Green Mountain Maple Sugar Refining Company makes the majority of the annual maple harvest in the fancy grade category. There are some very important reasons for this as our process here is quite different than any other. We have designed and built all of the equipment here ourselves and started from the bottom up. We are able to make the finest quality, finest flavored, Pure Vermont Maple Syrup, using the least amount of energy.

We recommend choosing Sugarmaker’s Choice if you’re not sure which grade you’d like to select. This selection lets us select for you our freshest and finest grade maple in our stock. We promise you’ll love what our Sugarmaker picks out!

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Instore Products: All items here on line are available at our retail Shop: Joey’s Junction Bakery and Café, 2865 Vermont Route 78, Highgate Center, Vermont 05459
Certifications: This is farm direct pricing, we are the producer and please keep in mind when ordering our syrup is Certified Organic and Certified Kosher
Maple Sugar Grades: Sugarmaker’s Choice, this is not an official Vermont Grade. In this case, the sugarmaker will choose the best flavored syrup on hand at the time of your order and ship it. It will be graded with the proper grade and shipped to you for your enjoyment. Golden Color/Delicate Flavor (Formerly Vermont Fancy), Amber color/Rich Flavor (Compares well to the former Medium Amber), Dark Color/Robust Flavor (formerly Grade B), Very Dark Color/strong Flavor (Darker than the former Grade B).