Why Pure?

Vermont Pure Maple Syrup is a gourmet food product make from the sugarmaple trees in the Northern hardwood forests of Vermont. The species used for maple sugar production is the hard maple, also called the rock maple or the sugar maple. This species of maple produces sap which contains the highest sugar content.

To make Vermont Pure Maple Syrup we simply remove some of the water from the sap. The sap usually comes in at approximately 2.5% sugar we and we remove or evaporate water to bring the sugar content up to approximately 66%.

Nothing is added, only water is removed so the ingredients of Vermont Pure Maple Syrup is simple:

The concentrated sap of the Vermont sugar Maple Tree.

There is no finer product to use as the flavor is unmatched. Please keep in mind when you are looking for maple syrup or products, read the label carefully. Some of the commercial syrups available contain very little or zero Vermont Pure Maple Syrup, and are full of artificial ingredients.

When purchasing syrup and maple products be sure that you are purchasing Vermont Pure Maple Products and you are ensured that you will be buying the highest quality available.

The State of Vermont produces the best maple products in the world, and The Green Mountain Maple Sugar Refining Company produces the best maple products in Vermont.

Please click here to see the range of products we have available. They are all produced right here on our farm from our own trees, therefore quality control can be carefully monitored to ensure you are receiving the best products. We produce all of the syrup we sell and make all of the maple products from the syrup we produce, so you are ensured quality time after time.

If you would like to visit our farm, please see the contact us link on the home page. You are welcome to see how maple is made and we have a full line of products available for you when you visit the farm.